Introducing the Gene Therapy Learning Academy

Patient and family-focused educational programs that expand knowledge on gene therapy research

Learn, play, and discover more than ever before with the Gene Therapy Learning Academy from HemDifferently by BioMarin.

  • Engaging and memorable programs that make complex ideas simpler to understand and fun to learn about
  • Experience learning in a different way with a variety of both virtual and in-person programs led by expert Learning Academy members

Available educational programs

Gene Therapy Research:Understanding the Science

This program explores the science behind gene therapy research and how it's designed to work.

Drug Discovery and Beyond:How Scientists and the FDA Research and Evaluate New Treatments for You

Learn how new treatments are discovered and evaluated in this easy-to-understand presentation.

Gene Therapy Jeopardy!®:An interactive game featuring the underlying principles of gene therapy research

Join friends and play for points to become the next Jeopardy! gene-ius.

Many gene therapies for hemophilia are being studied in people to determine if they are safe and effective. These educational programs will not focus on any commercially available products or specific gene therapies being researched for hemophilia A or B.


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